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The third Bleedfest is nearly upon us. Despite the frantic schedule and hard work that goes into making this happen, filmmaking sisters Elisabeth and Brenda Fies took some time to come to my Monstrous Resort! The Bleedfest event happens on the first Sunday of every month at CAP Theater in Sherman Oaks, CA. Their mission is to


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Hello to all of my terrorific listeners! This is the second offering I have of what I am calling Monster Island Resort Storytime! It is an off-shoot of my regular show, and not what I am calling episode 17. Rather, it is episode 2 of MIR Storytime, because I am considering HP Lovecraft’s “The Outsider,”


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I had little idea of what to expect when I was handed a screener for an ultra low-budget shocker called The Taint. Check out the website over at! It was a non-stop, completely over-the-top and absurdly offensive exercise in just about anything that can make people furious. Filth from the beginning to end. And


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Well, the wait is over for the teaser trailer for American Mary, the sophomore effort from the creators of Dead Hooker in a Trunk! The Twisted Twins Jen and Sylvia Soska have been on my show twice before. This special HAT TRICK episode features our most in depth and sporadic conversation yet! Since meeting these


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Welcome back to the land of giant footprints: Monster Island Resort! This is a very special episode because it is the second part of an almighty CROSSOVER with The Vault of Horror. In fact, it is the second part of a Godzilla conversation that began over at the Vault’s “Conversations in the Dark.” If you


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Welcome back to the most frightening vacation spot on the internet—Monster Island Resort! Today we celebrate (un)lucky episode number 13 with the very talented French native film maker Nicolas Simonin, director of the haunting short film DERAILED and the upcoming VINCENT! Join us as we discuss the new French Extreme, film making, travel, and what [...]
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Welcome back to the Monster Island Resort, malicious miscreants! It’s a special, intimate episode with…

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I know what you’re thinking: “But, Miguel, didn’t episode 10 just come out two days…

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It's time for my tenth episode, listeners! That's right! Double-digit Monster Island Resort episodes! It's...

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Hello Monster Island Resorters! It's been a while since I put up a new episode,...

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A few weeks ago, I interviewed Jen and Sylvia Soska-the masterminds behind Twisted Twins Productions...

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It's time for another Creature party at MONSTER ISLAND RESORT! In this, my eighth episode, I...

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Welcome back freaks and monsters! It's been two weeks, so let's get back to business!...

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Hello my fiendish listeners! I hope you enjoy this late late LATE night edition of...

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Hello Monster fans! I am out of town this weekend, but I still made time...

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Greetings Monster Fans, and welcome back! Today, I interview Elisabeth and Brenda Fies. They discuss...

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This is not an episode, but it is embarrassing and pretty old! I'm posting it...

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Hello Monster Fans! Episode 3 is NOW ONLINE and ready to go for your listening...

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