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Greetings monsters! This weekend I am at WonderCon at the Anaheim Convention Center, so how appropriate that today’s episode should feature a conversation with the hilarious and brilliant Rebecca Hicks–creator of the popular web series Little Vampires! We are joined by her talentless hanger-on James Hicks. We talk comics, conventions, mythology, monsters, horror, Carrie Fischer,


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Hello everyone! I am happy to introduce the director and several actresses of Bold Measures Films‘s upcoming giallo-inspired thriller short Vae Lacrimae! Boasting a cast featuring Asian-American women in key roles, director Phil Lorenzo, who himself plays a key role in bringing The San Diego Asian Film Festival to town, talks about his motivations in


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Hello Monster Lovers, If you watched the Oscars last weekend or heard some of the talk among monster fans who did, you may have heard that Brad Pitt identified none other than the wonderful Toho monster bash War of the Gargantuas as the film that influenced his career choice. It was exciting for us to


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