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Bonus content! Many of you know I took part in a panel on horror for the San Diego Latino Film Fest last week, but many of you weren’t able to be there! Well fret not–I have it recorded! Listen to Aaron Soto, Rue Morgue‘s Rodrigo Gudiño, Cinema Junkie Beth Accomando, and myself talk about the state of


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This weekend, I had the chance to discuss horror on a panel during the San Diego Latino Film Festival with the creator of Rue Morgue Magazine, Rodrigo Gudiño. It was a perfect opportunity to talk to Rodrigo and engage his philosophy background, as well as his experience making the magazine, and how it ties to


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Hello everyone! With the San Diego Latino Film Festival (SDLFF) in full swing, and yours truly participating in a panel on horror cinema at that event, I’ve decided to focus a number of podcast episodes on the relatively obscure exploitation and horror films to come out of Mexico, and what better way to kick off


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