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Happy Holidays, everyone! As a holiday present to all of you, I decided to bust out another Storytime Edition of the Horrible Imaginings Podcast. And what says "merry" better than manic visions of an invisible and highly-evolved starman sent to enslave our will and replace the human race? Well, this is a horror podcast, after […]

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Scroll all the way down to play the episode! There was a time where the most famous Filipino film export was (and still may be) a 2'9" James Bond-spoof action star by the name of Weng Weng. His films were international hits for the Philippines in the late 70s/early 80s, when their film industry was […]

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Hello friends and neighbors all over the world! This is the launching of the newly-rebranded Horrible Imaginings Podcast! We are continuing the episode numbers from where we left off with Monster Island Resort Podcast, so all those episodes are still available online. The great content will be the same, just the name is different. I […]

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  Monster Island Resort Podcast Unites with Horrible Imaginings for The Horrible Podcast! It had to happen eventually! Monster Island Resort had to become part of the all-consuming Horrible Imaginings Film Festival juggernaut! And so it shall be. My friends, we are rebranding! The 124th episode of your favorite online radio show that goes bump […]

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No, Jane Clark won’t be talking smack about some ladies she knows, but rather about her new horror comedy CRAZY BITCHES, a tongue-in-cheek slasher film about a killer who targets objects of vanity. Writer-Director Jane Clark hops over to Monster Island Resort to talk about writing and directing the film, her experiences as an indie


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Ah, Storytime Edition, it’s been too long! I took a trip to Dublin last month, where I saw some relevant Bram Stoker sites: I have been in the mood for bringing some of his work to the Monster Island Resort. What could be better than the creep short story DRACULA’S GUEST? I am happy to


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Hello everyone–I have more Godzilla for you! Kyle Yount of Kaijucast fame joins to to talk Godzilla. He is preparing to embark on a trip to Japan in order to begin production on a documentary called HAIL TO THE KING: 60 YEARS OF DESTRUCTION, which he plans to complete in time for Big G’s birthday


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Today is all about the espionage thriller! I am joined by Terry Hayes, who has a long career that includes the titles of journalist and screenwriter and can now include novelist. His debut novel “I Am Pilgrim” is making some serious waves in the publishing world right now, and for good reason. The same skill


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Yes, it’s a very different kind of review on Monster Island Resort, as I discuss the new rock circus to hit Los Angeles featuring rock band The Shakers. It’s called SHAPESHIFTER, and it is only playing a couple of days left at Way 2 Much Entertainment! Listen to my take on this unique melding of


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If you haven’t seen the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune, then (after you listen to this) get out there and find it immediately! The tale of how the avant garde director Alejandro Jodorowsky went about trying to make the sci fi epic that never happened is so wild it is almost as entertaining as the film that


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Godzilla week continues! KPBS Arts & Culture Reporter and noted Cinema Junkie Beth Accomando got together a bunch of Godzilla fans to react to the new Godzilla 2014 film, as well as to ruminate on the legacy of the King of the Monsters! This is the full version of her radio piece that aired on


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The highly anticipated new American Godzilla movie from Legendary Pictures and director Gareth Edwards is finally about to debut in theaters. I got to see it last night, and many people have been asking me for my thoughts. I decided to make this the obvious podcast episode. This will be part reaction and review and


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 It’s time to talk classic film! I just spent four wild and dizzying days rushing from brilliant film to brilliant film at the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood! It is truly the best experience for any film fanatic. Turner Classic Movies is a television cable network that shows classic films commercial free, and that


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The new Blumhouse Productions film “Oculus” opens this weekend, and I had the chance to spend a few minutes talking to writer/director Mike Flanagan, producer Trevor Macy, and Blumhouse Productions founder Jason Blum about their scary new baby. We get to talking about their philosophies behind the scares in “Oculus,” Flanagan’s experiences making this film


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The legendary Richard Elfman joins us to talk FORBIDDEN ZONE 2! We discuss the history of the project, starting Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo with his brother Danny Elfman, get the inside scoop on some of the craziness of the sequel, who will be involved, the benefits of crowd sourcing and more! DO. NOT.


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On March 23rd, 2014, Dave Brockie was found dead in his home in Richmond, Virginia. Brockie is better known to the world as the frontman, or front-alien overlord, Oderus Urungus of GWAR. Out of the people who even know who GWAR is, there are probably thousands who can’t stand them for every one person who loves


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This month, the agents of The Mysterious Order of the Skeleton Suit (MOSS) have decided to swap places on their respective programs. Mostly it offers each other a chance to review or discuss something new, but I decided to give Todd Stadtman from Die! Danger! Die! Die! Kill! (4DK) the challenge of reflecting on and


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Wales’s first horror film festival, the Abertoir Horror Festival, has been going strong for eight years! Monster Island Resort foreign correspondent Beth Accomando of CINEMA JUNKIE fame decided to make the trip across the pond to join our friends Jess and Aled of MOVIEDROME DVD to see what all the fuss was about. Turns out


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When starting this show, I never really thought I could get a peek into the world of classic filmmakers like Edgar G. Ulmer, but what better peek than to sit down over coffee with none other than Ulmer’s daughter Arianne? What a treat! The world of film from the 20′s, 30′s, 40′s, and 50′s seems


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Many of you know films like the Universal classic The Black Cat, starring Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, as well as the striking film noir Detour, but how much do you know about the man behind the camera? A new biography has just been completed about Edgar G. Ulmer, and I had the opportunity to


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