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Hello Dark Vacationers, It is Easter, which can mean only one thing–ZOMBIES! I mean, that’s what Easter is all about, right? What better way to celebrate than with a conversation with people who run a website dedicated to zombies?   Listen to the Episode here: That’s right, you can listen to my talk with Baron


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As promised, right on the tails of part 1, I present to you monster lovers the second part of my conversation with author Peter H. Brothers! Listen to two grown men wax nostalgic about giant monster movies and 50′s sci-fi!   And don’t forget to learn more about the legendary Ishiro Honda by getting Mushroom


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This just in, this just in! Monster Island Resort gets a special visit from Peter H. Brothers. His book Mushroom Clouds and Mushroom Men: The Fantastic Cinema of Ishiro Honda has finally given the English-speaking world a volume dedicated to Ishiro Honda, the man behind such fantastic films as Matango, Gorath, Mothra, and, of course,


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