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Today is horror master Stephen King’s 65th birthday! In celebration, Picking Up the Ghost author Tone Milazzo and Saint Mort Show host Matt Kelly join me in a candid and altogether fun discussion of the prolific author. This episode is a must listen for any Stephen King fan and anyone who wanted to learn more


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Usually, I prefer to discuss monsters of a more fantastic vein—Godzilla, werewolves, vampires, and the like. Today, however, I have decided to center the conversation on monsters of a decidedly more realistic sort—serial killers. Lots of serial killers populate books, film, and television, and have attracted large audiences by doing so. I find the celebrity


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The audio hiatus is over! For you iTunes subscribers, I put vidcast diaries of my UK trip on the direct website I hope you enjoy them. For this episode, my housemate Beth Accomando of Cinema Junkie and I talk about our trip in general and, more specifically, Film 4 FrightFest in London! The films


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