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The Kaijucast’s Kyle Yount invited me to participate in a panel all about Japanese Giant Monsters at Crypticon Seattle last month! Kyle and Jeff Dean of Kaijucast, Aron Tarbuck from The Dreaming Comics and Games in Seattle, and I had a great time talking about our favorite kaiju, and what we think makes them significant.


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I have a great ooey gooey episode for you today! I recently caught a screening of a Canadian microbudget body horror film called Thanatomorphose at my friend Paul’s great Ocean Beach film festival The Frequency Film Festival. This is a film that shows what super independent horror can achieve without the creative hindrances of producers and


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Hello fellow monster lovers! It’s been a long time, but I’m BACK! Boy has this month been crazy! Find out why with this episode! FILM FILM FILM! I discuss our new FILM GEEKS series in San Diego. We kicked it off with AMERICAN MARY this past weekend. Check out the Q&A with the Twisted Twins


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