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Hello Monster Fans! For this episode, I discuss genre, collective fright mentality, and the challenge of writing different characters with Tone Milazzo, the author of a brand new horror novel called Picking Up the Ghost! Before I go on, the more tech-savvy among you can find out more with your smartphones right now by scanning


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Hello Monster Vacationers! In the last few years, there’s been a new name in horror who has endeared himself to horror genre fans everywhere. He has been called the modern day answer to the likes of Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney. He is also an incredibly gifted and versatile actor who has delighted audiences on


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Hello Monster Fans! One thing I’ve realized after watching hundreds of short films that were submitted to my film festival is that I am a sucker for kids who are the protagonists in a fright film. If you have a child who does a solid job acting and is the hero in your monster picture,


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Greetings to all you lovers of those Eldridge cyclopean monoliths and unspeakable monstrosities that should not be named lest madness is invited! Yes, it must be time for another Lovecraftian episode, and a timely one, too! In just under two weeks on September 16th and 17th at the Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro, CA,


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Hello Monster Fans! For movie lovers, there is noting like seeing a film in a classic movie house, surrounded by friends and strangers, taking that trip together. In episode 33, I get a little romantic about the big screen and what it means to me before having a conversation with my good friend Aled Jones


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